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  1. Coaching and training office   managers in HR fundamentals

  2. Developing  or reviewing company policies 

  3. Providing new hire orientation

  4. Coaching  personnel in Performance Management –Progressive Discipline Program

  5. Providing employment mediation – certified Civil Circuit Mediator 

  6. Creating Recruiting and Restructuring Plans

  7. Facilitating 360 Performance Appraisals 


  1. Leadership Training 

    • Leadership Style

    • How to Interview

    • How to Coach

    • Understanding Employment Law

    • Performance Management

    • Substance Abuse Awareness

  2. EEO Awareness and Diversity for all employees 

  3. Teambuilding and Facilitation

  4. Training for a Harassment Free workplace

  1. Coach  leaders to gain self awareness, clarify goals, and unlock their highest potential.  

  2. Coach individuals on Emotional Intelligence and becoming a leader in their life

  3. Energy level Coaching to maximize energy 

  4. International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Why do I need PeopleSmart?

Many small company entrepreneurs do not have enough employees to support a Human Resources

( HR) department and may even wonder why they need one.  HR can result in cost savings for any company that has employees.  HR can add to a small business's bottom line by cutting costs in several areas.

              Leadership Coaching - PeopleSmart provides individual or group coaching to increase self awareness, goal implementation and overall fulfillment at the workplace and home.  


             Employee Selection – Hiring the right person is critical for a small business.  Just filling an opening with a qualified candidate is not enough.  The candidate should bring enthusiasm to your company and be fully engaged in your corporate view.  Companies who have actively involved employees can increase operating income by 20 percent.  PeopleSmart can help a company’s selection process by building screening tools and interview questions that predict a more engaged hire.   HR can also bring an “on-boarding” process to your company that makes the employee feel welcomed and incorporated in your culture. 

                Turnover - Employees leaving your company is costly.  Some studies predict that every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs 6 to 9 months' salary on average.   Top performers leave a company because they are dissatisfied with working conditions. They may want more money, dislike their boss or have become unhappy with their particular job.  PeopleSmart provides an employee the opportunity to communicate issues before it is too late; through engagement surveys or performance management tools.

                Employee Relations- Unresolved issues or complaints can result in high settlements for lawsuits and unproductive employees.  An effective human relations program includes steps for resolving employee issues.  PeopleSmart can investigate employee issues and mediate situations before they becomes disruptive to your work place. 


Bring your business to the next level of success!

Tracy Dickinson


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