PeopleSmart LLC is a Human Resources consulting and coaching enterprise that provides immediate help to small companies needing temporary services or large companies that need to supplement their current Human Resources staff. The organization is committed to providing practical strategies that comply with employment law and to creating an empowered workforce that delivers to the bottom line. People Smart is dedicated to supplying companies with clever, strategic ideas to motivate and engage employees. 



Tracy Dickinson , PCC, PHR , MA

Tracy Dickinson is founder and president of PeopleSmart. Her qualifications are as follows:

Tracy’s passion for creating a work environment that maximizes employee engagement was influenced by over 20 years of HR experience with a diverse group of companies.  She has worked with hazardous chemical transporters (Service Transport Company), engineers (Florida Power and Light), government workers (City of Delray), financial traders (NextEra Energy) and medical personnel .   All of these environments were very different but also very similar.   She believes all workers want the same things in their working lives: To be treated fairly, respected by their manager, and enjoy what they are doing.  And all employers want the same things for their companies:  To be profitable and significant in their communities.

Tracy has coached employees and mediated work place issues to foster an optimized environment. She has created processes that increase communication between management and employees.  She states, “I believe great managers create great companies”.     HR does not have to be complicated or expensive; practices should complement the business strategy and not become a roadblock.

Tracy graduated from University of Florida in Human Resources Management with a bachelor’s degree and worked full time while attending University of Houston  and earning her Masters in Human Resources.   She is a certified ICF Professional Coach (PCC), a Professional Human Resource (PHR), and Supreme Court Civil Circuit Mediator